CAS 600 Woodburner

The Clean Air Systems Ltd 600 range is designed for heating large factory work areas with ducted warm air using all wood waste from manufacturing furniture – joinery – modular buildings. Hard wood, softwood, general packaging and unwanted pallets. Our heater is of rugged construction capable of utilising a wide range of fuels.

Bigger by design, weighs 18% more than other heaters in the market
8mm thick steel heat exchanger for longer life
Higher fire box to give cleaner burn (less smoke)
Designed and tested without an afterburner (the very first we believe in the country)


The CAS 600 is fully approved to the current Clean Air Act, Click here to view the pdf.Pdf

Average fuel Consumption for this heater based upon
average fuel.  As general mixed joinery waste
8 hrs per day x 5 days per week

Working at maximum heat output. the CAS 600 would require 1900Kg / week


CAS 600
175 10,200 2325 1215 2130 2000

Simplicity in design gives the following benefits in maintenance and operational use:

  • Less cut bricks
  • Easy access – one large panel each side
  • Removable panels have captive nuts – one socket, no spanner removal
  • Tiles and brick bar tie bolts are easy to see and work on
  • All parts are jig made and assembled (so that spares do fit)
  • Large access doors for easy loading and maintenance access
  • All-in-one electrical control panel pre-wired for an afterburner in heat resistant cable (to give piece of mind if fuel mix is unusual.)
  • Insulated main body panels
  • Zintec base panel – electrically zinc coated steel for long life without corrosion.